The name Heli in Helia comes from the ancient Greek word hḗlios, meaning “Sun”. With the idea of ​​comparing Heli to bright and pure rays of sunlight, Heli Skin products hope to enhance the inherent energetic and feminine beauty of every woman. Helia’s lucky number in ancient Greek belief is the number 8. If placed horizontally, it will form a ∞ sign, representing eternal and lasting beauty, not erased by time.

Minimalist & Efficient

Heli Skin creates products based on scientific formulas that combine natural nutrients, simplifying the formula, focusing on ingredients that are truly effective and suitable for all skin types. At the same time, completely remove harmful and corrosive ingredients to the skin.

Indispensable for daily routine

Heli Skin inspires you to form a daily habit of nurturing your skin barrier with products that promote simplicity, ease of use, and
improve skin over time.

Intensive care, sustainable beauty

Special formula created for sensitive Asian skin

Not tested on animals

Say no to impurities. 100% benign and safe

Pay attention to environmental issues